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Pricing and process

The process I've used over the years to produce stained glass panels for my clients has evolved into a system that allows my clients to express their desires and goals and allows me artistic license in interpreting what I feel they are trying to achieve in outcome and effect.
If possible, I meet with my clients on the project site. Although it is not necessary, I can get a better feel for the design situation. We discuss the issues they might be thinking of solving with stained glass... privacy; enhancement of an area; diffusing the effect of strong sunlight through a particular window. We also discuss how sunlight will fall on the panel.... directly or indirectly. Colored glass or clear textures and, perhaps, beveled glass.... stock, custom or a combination of both. If there is no direct sunlight effecting the panel, colored glass without opacity looks black and bevels that come alive with the suns' influence, remain asleep.
Pricing is discussed, pointing out different avenues I might travel down while developing artwork. Armed with answers to these individual issues and a 10% artwork fee, I generate sketches for the panels that my clients are envisioning. This is the content of the initial consultation.
At the second meeting, I present the artwork to my client... usually 2 sketches (sometimes 3) drawn to scale, accompanied by glass samples to show the colors/textures represented in the sketches. Any changes in the sketches and in the selection of glasses can be made at this point. When we are in agreement, a contract is signed and a 50% deposit is required. The deposit places the project in the order of production. At that time, I will discuss the time frame for each individual project. Every effort is made to guarantee that all projects will come in on time.
Pricing begins at $75/square foot. Intricacy of the design dictates the square foot pricing. 
A 10% art fee, based on the size of the project, is required for the generation of art work and is deducted from the final cost of the project. 
50% deposit schedules the project for production. We provide installation on site or crating and shipping if needed.